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If you suspect you have a hidden water leak inside your home, call Advanced Gen Plumbing at (951) 805-3644. We guarantee our leak detection specialist will find the problem and fix it quickly and efficiently.
A water leak that goes undetected can cause great damage to your home and your belongings. The water can compromise the structural integrity of your home’s foundation, ruin furniture as well as warp floors and walls. The dampness can also cause harmful mold and bacteria growth.
Oftentimes, when a leak occurs, the source is readily evident. However, smaller leaks can be more insidious and the water hidden inside your walls can travel a great distance before it becomes noticeable. Other hidden leaks can occur in pipes that run under slabs like underground pipes. You may not even be aware that there is a leak, until you happen to notice water pooling in parts of your yard.
If you suspect you have a hidden leak, contact the experts at Advanced Gen Plumbing to help you fix the issue. We specialize in providing fast, efficient and accurate water leak detection in Ontario, California, and surrounding areas. Call now at (951) 805-3644 to book an appointment with our highly experienced local plumbers.

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Looking for prompt and dependable “water leak detection & repair near me” in Ontario, California, and surrounding areas? Contact Advanced Gen Plumbing to work with highly trained and experienced water leak detection specialists! We have been solving some of the toughest water leak issues for over a decade. We understand the water leaks; especially slab leaks and underground leaks can be extra tricky and are a threat to your home. That’s why we always respond quickly to any water leak calls in our service areas. We use modern tools and equipment to locate and repair hidden water leaks fast and efficiently. Call us now at (951) 805-3644 to speak with our water leak detection specialists near you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Leak Detection

How do you tell if a pipe is leaking in a wall?
It is important to call the leak repair specialists at Advanced Gen Plumbing if you notice any of the following early warning signs of a hidden water leak:
What causes a broken water line?
As rust and corrosion accumulate, the pressure will rise as new water struggles to pass through.
Under pressure, your pipe will eventually crack. Tree roots can also cause or hasten water line clogs.
Should I replace my pipes with PEX or copper?
While PEX pipes are easier to install, less expensive and more flexible, copper pipes are stronger and last longer. PEX pipes are best used indoors because they degrade quickly in direct sunlight, but they are an excellent choice if you want to reduce leaks and energy consumption.

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If you are experiencing a water leak in Ontario, California, call Advanced Gen Plumbing for help. We’ve provided reliable and affordable plumbing solutions to Ontario, California and its surrounding areas for over a decade. Give us a call now at (951) 805-3644 to book an appointment with our water leak detection specialists.
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